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Anonymous sent: What movie is it? Thanks!. :)

Its from the film ‘Like Crazy’ :) enjoy it!

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Anonymous sent: haha yes of course! I want to study politics! and I know, it's such a stress knowing what to write and where to start :(

I understand your pain!! I’m sure it will all work out for you, my best friend is applying for politics and her whole statement is about Russia and she sounds like she is a lover of Russian dictators….hmmm…. Anyway good luck dear and do let me know how it works out!

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Oops, I accidentally just replied on private to a message I wanted to make public..I am on my mobile so it messed up and I don’t remember your URL!! feel free to send me the message again, or not, I don’t mind…apologies!

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Anonymous sent: ugh I'm also totally stressing over personal statements :( what subject do you want to do? :)

Hi anon <3 I want to study English Literature (predicatable, right?). What about you?

I feel so much pressure, I just know that they are going to tear apart my first draft so what is the point?! AAAAAAGH.